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05/03-05/04                 Mercuri & Associates, Inc. Bucks County, Pennsylvania


Summarizing and evaluating ground water quality data. Geologic and hydrogeologic cross-sections. Design of drawings prepared on AutoCAD and ArcGIS. Preparation of permit applications to local and state governments for townships. Mapping of water systems using GPS technology and importing information onto aerials. Meetings and correspondence with firm's clients. Field work including pump tests, well monitoring and sampling at contaminated sites.


01/13- 05/14                LaSalle University Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

                                   ADJUNCT FACULTY

Designed a new course, Introduction to ArcGIS. Only faculty member on campus that taught this course. Course begins with the basics of ArcGIS and expands to the level of the students being able to garner jobs in the GIS field based solely off this class. Due to the success of this class LaSalle University is in the process of building a new GIS lab. Taught Geochemistry through the Geology Department


12/01-01/03                 Taylor, Weisman & Taylor, Doylestown, Pennsylvania

                                   CIVIL ENGINEERING INTERN

Participated in all phases of land development and hydraulic calculations, including revisions to engineering plans and documents.  Prepared permit applications for state and local governmental agencies, including Environmental Protection Agency, for the construction of a multi-million dollar high density residential development on ± 15 acres.  Other responsibilities included meetings and correspondence with clients.


06/97-08/97, 06/98-     Mercuri & Associates, Inc., Southampton, Pennsylvania

08/98, 05/01-09/01      GEOLOGIC FIELD ASSISTANT       

Assisted with: stream flow measurements and calculations, pump tests and well monitoring.



EDUCATION:                   Temple University, Philadelphia, PA;

Graduate Level Courses: Advanced Hydrogeology, Low-Temperature Geochemistry, Ground Water Modeling, Planetary Geology, Contaminant Transport in Urban Streams, Remote Sensing and GIS, Geophysics

La Salle University, Philadelphia, PA

                                    B.S. in Geology, Magna Cum Laude

                                    Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

                                    Courses in Chemical, Civil and Environmental Engineering as well as Economics.


 CERTIFICATIONS:  Professional Geologist Pennsylvania PG005242; Professional Geologist New York #000105; OSHA 40 hour HAZMAT training.


 COMPUTER              Accounting Software: Quickbooks.

PROFICIENCIES:  ArcGIS, Microstation , AutoCAD, Modflow, Groundwater Vistas, Craflush, Frac3DVS, HydroGeoSphere, COMSOL, EarthImager, Res3D, Matlab, ArcGIS, Surfer, RADAN, Vectorworks, CorelDraw; Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Outlook, Power Point.


EQUIPMENT:           GPS Trimble Equipment, Ground Penetrating Radar, Magnetometer, Gradiometer, EM-31, Data Loggers, Resistivity, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance


LANGUAGES:        English, Italian


EXPERTISE:       Ground water resource development and management

                           Fractured bedrock hydrogeology

                           Photogeologic analysis

                           Selection of drilling sites for high yield wells

                           Preparation of drilling records and geologic logs

                           Design and implementation of long-term pump tests

                           Preparation of hydrogeologic reports for protected area projects        

                           Surface water identification protocols (SWIP)

                           SWIP monitoring and analysis of data

                           Contaminant hydrogeology

                           Soil and ground water contamination studies

                           Design and implementation of remedial plans

                           Heavy metals contamination of soils, occurrence and significance

                           DNAPL contamination of fractured bedrock aquifers

                           LNAPL contamination of soil and ground water

                           Preparation of quality assurance/quality control plans

                           Project management and proposal preparation

                           Clients/regulatory agencies relations




            Among the hydrogeologic projects completed are: ground water resource development and management in various settings and for various uses; design and implementation of pump tests and analysis of well fields; selection of drilling sites for large yield wells; horizontal and vertical distribution of contaminants in ground water; design and implementation of remedial plans; investigation and evaluation of sites contaminated with dense non-aqueous phase liquid compounds (DNAPL); evaluation of ground water flow systems, evaluation of leachate migration in fractured bedrock settings, site evaluation for land disposal of domestic sewage effluents.

Professional services have included projects in Southeastern Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey.




            Conducted and managed numerous hydrogeologic projects and investigations in the Southeastern Pennsylvania Ground Water Protected Area.

            Implemented numerous photogeologic and field investigations for the selection of drilling sites for large yield wells in the Triassic Formations of Southeastern Pennsylvania for municipal and other clients.

            Designed and implemented and/or supervised all types of pumping tests on production wells.

            Developed large yield wells for many municipalities and other local governments in Bucks and Montgomery Counties.

            Reviewed hydrogeologic work performed by other consultants within boundaries of municipal clients.

            Developed ground water supply for large commercial property in the diabase terrain of East Rockhill Township, Bucks County.

            Designed and implemented long-term operational tests of large yield wells in order to comply with regulatory requirements for expanded ground water withdrawals.

            Designed and implemented the necessary hydrogeologic investigations that resulted in the resolution of water supply problems of municipalities in central and northern Bucks County.

            Evaluated ground water contaminated with chlorinated hydrocarbons at a municipal well and estimated vertical distribution of contaminants.

            Implemented, on behalf of a county government, a Level II environmental assessment of industrial site, which included remediation of soils exhibiting high levels of metals.

            Implemented a Level II environmental assessment of property, located in lower Bucks County, scheduled for residential development.  Concerns included the possible soil contamination by metals, among others.

            Designed and implemented, for a municipal client, a detailed investigation of a former foundry site which revealed the presence of very high levels of metals in the soil and ground water.

            Designed and implemented site characterization studies, including completion of soil borings and construction of monitoring wells at sites contaminated with petroleum products, for local school districts.

            Defined the extent of subsurface contamination by petroleum hydrocarbons at several gasoline stations and implemented the necessary remedial measures.

            Successfully closed sites heavily contaminated with gasoline by taking them to the natural attenuation stage. 

            Worked in conjunction with LSRP's in NJ on dozens of contaminated sites completed ArcGIS requirements and helping projects approach completion.




            Pennsylvania Council of Professional Geologists

            American Institute of Professional Geologists 


ACHIEVEMENTS     SAT Score: 790/800                GRE Score 800/800

IN MATHEMATICS:              Write computer codes for analysis of geophysical data with MATLAB.

Mercuri & Associates Inc.