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• Borough of Dublin, Bucks County
Hydrogeological Consultant of Record

- Mercuri and Associates, Inc. was contracted to conduct the necessary hydrogeologic study to identify and recommend test well sites to augment the available water supply.
- Study was completed on time and on budget and resulted in the identification of eight sites with the potential for good well yields.
- MAI conducts regular monitoring of private domestic wells and stream flows, and preparation of quarterly and annual reports for submittal to the regulatory agencies as required by the terms of the permit.
- Monitoring requirements imposed on the Borough by the permit were reduced by more than 60 percent as a result of the annual report and hydrogeologic analysis prepared by MAI and after formal presentation to the DRBC


• Walnut Bank Farm, Richland Township, Bucks County

- A proposed subdivision would, at full development, require a water supply of approximately 200,000 gallons per day.
- Adjoining parcels owned by the same client would require an additional 100,000 to 150,000 gallons per day and would have been served by the wells located within Walnut Bank Farm.
- Mercuri and Associates, Inc. performed the necessary hydrogeologic analysis to identify optimum drilling sites, supervised the drilling and logging of test wells, designed and implemented necessary pumping tests, and prepared the hydrogeologic reports in support of the application for a ground water withdrawal permit.
- After overcoming objections from the regulatory agencies, three test well sites were identified and drilled.
- All three test wells exhibited a yield in excess of 700 gallons per minute.
- Formal pump test of Test Well No. 2 was completed in 1/88 and the hydrogeologic report, together with the required engineering modules was submitted to the regulatory agencies in 10/88 and project approval received in 1/89.
- Formal testing of the remaining two wells was completed and the hydrogeologic reports submitted to client.


• Borough of Dublin (Rosanelli Well), Bucks County

- An existing 6-inch diameter well, the Rosanelli well, is located near the intersection of Elephant and Rickert Roads within the Borough.
- Mercuri and Associates, Inc. performed hydrogeologic work to develop this well as a production well to augment the Borough's water supply
- Project was completed successfully in 1988 with approval granted in 8/89.
- Well allowed the Borough of Dublin to construct a borough-wide water distribution system and to resolve many of its existing water supply problems.


• Quakertown Borough, Bucks County
Hydrogeologic Consultant of Record

- Hydrogeologic analysis/investigation of existing production wells and development of additional sources to increase water supply availability.
- Several test well sites were selected based on fracture trace analysis.
- Drilling at two of the test well sites exhibited yields over 400 gallons per minute and were ultimately constructed as production wells.
- Responsible for preparation and submittal of quarterly and yearly hydrogeologic reports in accordance with the requirements of the ground water protected area established by the Delaware River Basin Commission.


• Merrill Lynch, Hopewell Township, New Jersey

- Performed detailed hydrogeologic investigation in support of application for land development (a major office campus).
- Presented testimony on-site hydrogeologic conditions in front of Hopewell Township Planning Board.
- Determined locations, supervised the drilling and construction, implemented the necessary pumping tests and evaluated the performance of several wells to be utilized for various purposes.


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