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• Orlando Drum Company, Orlando, FL

- Facility washes and reconditions used drums
- Mercuri and Associates, Inc. was retained as hydrogeological consultant to verify state allegations of contamination of soil and ground water with heavy metals, pesticides, and volatile organic compounds.
- Initiated preliminary soil and groundwater sampling program, prepared/submitted to regulatory agency comprehensive Contamination Assessment Plan (CAP) followed by preparation and submittal of project Quality Assurance/ Quality Control Plan in 1/85.
- CAP called for drilling 12 soil borings and installation of 18 piezometers and 6 sets of nested (3 per) ground water monitoring wells.
- Two-phase comprehensive and detailed environmental report outlining the findings and proposing the necessary additional work was submitted to client in 6/91.


• Dublin Borough - TCE Contamination
Hydrogeological Consultant of Record

- Routine sampling of community wells found high levels of TCE in the ground water of Dublin Borough.
- Further sampling revealed TCE contamination affected approximately 45 wells and covered a large portion of the Borough.
- Monitored work progress, reviewed work proposed or performed by consultants for alleged polluters and reported to the Dublin Borough Council.
- Case is in litigation and has required frequent expert testimony.
- Site has been Included on the National Priority List (NPL).


• Municipal Client-Northern Bucks County (Quakertown)

- Investigation of environmental conditions at former foundry site acquired in 1988.
- Designed and implemented detailed, phased program of investigation including extensive sampling of soil and perched ground water.
- Investigation revealed presence of high levels of heavy metals, petroleum hydrocarbons, and volatile and semi-volatile organics.
- Public ball-field adjacent to property was carefully examined for presence of residual foundry material, casting sand and furnace slag.


• Bedminster Township

- Assist municipal client with MTBE contamination problem.


Mercuri & Associates Inc.